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Things To Do:

If you want a tailor-made holiday in the Cotswolds, we can put together an itinerary to suit you – whether walking, garden visits, a visit to a cheese maker, photography, or anything else. Here are a few of the possibilities, any of which can be built in to a wider tour

A day or more in the company of a specialist photographer. This could be on foot or by car, as you prefer.

Photography Trail in the Cotswolds

A Journey in a Coach & Four

One of the enduring symbols of England, still gracing our Christmas cards to this day, is the Victorian stagecoach, an enclosed carriage hauled by four snorting horses, with top-hatted driver at the front wrapped up against the elements, bugler behind to warn the world of the arrival of the latest ‘flyer’. Occupying a brief period of British history, immediately before the proliferation of the railways, the craftsmanship that went into their construction is extraordinary. Remarkably this coach-building tradition lives on and so anyone who would appreciate the exhilaration of travelling in a true coach and four for a day, complete with bugler, driver and team of liveried horses, can now do so. Perfect for a special occasion with friends and family, this is a unique opportunity to experience real history and a great English tradition.


Brewery or Cider Maker
See how our local beers, lagers and ciders are made

Beers - Cotswold Journeys

Literary Trail

Many celebrated writers and musicians have connections with the Cotswolds. If you want to know the landscapes that inspired them, we can help you.

cotswolds literary trail

Working Farm
If you would like to see how local cheeses are made, let us know

Cheese - Cotswold Journeys

Perhaps you would like to try a ride on a horse through the Cotswold countryside.

Learn Italian
Walk through the countryside and practise or learn Italian with a fluent speaker

If you have children you need to keep entertained, there are plenty of possibilities: castles, trasure trails, model railways and much more.

Things to do for children in the cotswolds

Arts & Crafts
All sorts of things are going on – bronze casting, fresco painting and many more. Let us know your special interest.

Arts and crafts things to do in the Cotswolds

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Tailor Made Holidays
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