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The Cotswolds region is well known for its photogenic villages set among gentle valleys and rolling hills. It is officially an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ but it is not merely a feast for the eye. In many ways its beauty is the result of a singular and fascinating history, involving wool, limestone, water and even lawnmowers. All of this is revealed in digestable detail over the pages that follow.

The Coltswolds

The Cotswolds...what are they?

The Cotswolds are a range of hills in western England, part of a region sometimes referred to as the Heart of England, an area 40 miles across and 120 miles long. These figures are open to debate, as everyone will have their own opinion where the Cotswolds begin and end but it is certain that they roll principally through the counties of Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire, extending into parts of Wiltshire, Somerset, Worcestershire and Warwickshire.

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